JustBookr is a global startup based in Monaco that lets students trade textbooks between each other on campus and allows libraries and bookstores to sell books directly to university students. Founded in 2016 by a young entrepreneur from the International University of Monaco, JustBookr required their entire business to be built from the ground up by M Media.

Project scope

  • Design and sketch of progressive web-app (website)
  • Development and optimization of progressive web-app
  • Creation and integration of seamless Stripe payment system
  • Creation and integration of advanced database system
  • Creation and management of automated emails and mailing-lists
  • Creation of crawling robot and deployment to gather data about universities around the world
  • Creation and initial management of Facebook ads, pages, and the Instagram account
  • Creation and printing of 5 different types of posters, 2 types of stickers, and business cards


M Media built the web app for JustBookr, making sure it was blazingly fast, responsive, and SEO friendly; so much so that JustBookr now ranks higher for university keywords than some of the official university websites.

The web app M Media built for JustBookr is also highly progressive, meaning that students can now use the website even without an internet connection – which is useful at some university campuses with little to no access to the web. We’ve included automated online payments and developed a crawling robot to scrape multiple online data sources of universities, finally acquiring a database of over 16,000 universities to add to the platform.

M Media also built the social media profiles for JustBookr, including setting up the business on Facebook for Business, consulting on Facebook ad strategies, and creating and optimizing the Facebook page. In addition, M Media built and initially managed the Instagram profile, which has seen incredible growth and engagement rate within the target market, the student community.

Lastly, M Media also created initial branding guidelines and materials. First, we’ve developed the dark and light versions of the logo as a scalable vector graphic, we’ve defined the color scheme, and we’ve set some typeface rules, creatively putting it into a clear and concise company graphic charter. We then took this information to create physical branding material; 5 different types of posters, 2 types of stickers, and business cards.

JustBookr also entrusted M Media with the physical printing of the offline marketing material, so we’ve optimized the design for printing and sent it to our partner company for the actual print. Within two weeks, all print materials were delivered and the JustBookr team was incredibly satisfied, even ordering an additional batch of stickers.

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