Instagram Engagement

Instagram Engagement

M Media uses the automation bot to handle your likes, follows, comments, and unfollows on Instagram, so you can focus on running your business.

You'll get an extra employee that works 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, doing all the repetitive but very important engagement on Instagram. It doesn't make mistakes, and it doesn't get sick.

Thanks to the advanced analytics interconnected with all our services, your automations get better by the day. Pair this service with one of our Instagram content management plans for the full Instagram marketing potential.

Plans tailored to your business.

Choose a plan that best suites your business needs. Want something different? Contact us!


€17 per month. Comes with the following automations:

  • Liking
  • Commenting
  • Following
  • Unfollowing (with active followers 'don't unfollow' protection)
  • Interactions based on the number of followers and/or following a user has
  • Interactions based on the number of posts a user has
  • Skipping private accounts, accounts with no profile picture, and/or business accounts
  • Liking based on the number of existing likes a post has
  • Commenting based on the number of existing comments a post has
  • Commenting based on mandatory words in the description or first comment
  • Comment by Locations
  • Like by Locations
  • Like by Tags
  • Mandatory Words
  • Restricting Likes
  • Ignoring Users
  • Ignoring Restrictions
  • Excluding friends
  • Smart Hashtags
  • Quota Supervision
  • Generate a list of a given users (e.g. your competition) Followers
  • Generate a list of accounts that a given user is Following


€76 per month. All of the basic features, +:

  • Following by a list
  • Follow someone else's followers
  • Follow users that someone else is following
  • Follow someone else's followers/following
  • Follow the likers of photos of users
  • Follow the commenters of photos of users
  • Interact with specific users
  • Interact with users that someone else is following
  • Interact with someone else's followers
  • Interact on posts at given URLs
  • Like by Feeds


€99 per month. All of the basic and pro features, +:

  • Pick Unfollowers of a user
  • Pick Nonfollowers of a user
  • Pick Fans of a user
  • Pick Mutual Following of a user
  • Commenting based on what is on the picture using artificial intelligence
  • Caption sentiment analysis

No strings attached.

As with all of our monthly subscriptions, you can cancel this service at any time you wish, even if you've only used it for a month!

From €17 a month

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