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While your business is our customer, your clients are our focus. It all starts with the end user experience, and it must be flawless, every time. User interaction should be an experience with your brand and its values, rather than a transaction. Your business website needs to be easy to use, and well positioned throughout all major web services, including Google, Facebook, VKontakte, and many others. You'll need efficient search engine optimisation (SEO) and tailored design to let clients easily find your business exactly when they need it, and stay there.

We're here to do just that.

Mobile first. A philosophy.

Most of the world accesses the internet on mobile devices. In fact, that figure was around 57% of internet users in 2016. Even though this data is available, many businesses fail to recognise the importance of this. It's crucial that your business website adapts for mobile devices. Websites built by M Media are efficiently designed and coded to load as fast as possible on networks like 3G, and to make sense visually for your clients, even on the smallest of devices.

Decide with data.

The web generates lots of data, and your business website is no exception. M Medias integration with industry leading analytics services from Google and Facebook, among others, means that you know everything about your clients online. See how they interact, where they are coming from, and who they are. Get all the critical information before making your next business move.

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Build a web experience.

Your clients will thank you.

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Connect with those that matter most.

Websites aren't only another point of sales. They're not limited to providing information. Your website is often the first and only window between your business and your client. It's critical that your clients understand and feel your brand when visiting your website, and enjoy that same experience of your brand throughout other web services like Facebook. M Media focuses on creating an integrated experience of your brand with the web, rather than just making an informational website.

Look serious. Be professional. Stay fun.

Your business website is an extension of your brand, it's values, it's image, and its reputation. In all web packages by M Media, we provide your business with its custom secure email service, ending at @yourdomain.com. We also set up a Facebook Business page, and integrate your company with all Google Business services, including Youtube and Google+. Communicate with your clients easily and efficiently.

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