There's 100,290,893 confirmed cases of Coronavirus around the world today.

Since last week, that's an increase of 3,493,664 cases, or 3%.

Only cases tested in a laboratory are counted; with news of sketchy reporting and others staying at home, there's more cases out there.

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2,157,790 people have died.

That's a 2% mortality rate. In comparison, the death rate from seasonal flu is typically around 0.1% in the U.S., according to The New York Times.

As of today, 919,099 more people are expected to die.

Using the mortality rate, this many people are expected to die from Coronavirus in the coming weeks.

Some cases of Coronavirus are not reported, which means the actual mortality rate may be lower.

42,718,368 are still being treated.

That's 43% of all cases that are still in hospital right now.

Stay at home.

The best way to prevent the spread of the disease is to stay at home.

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France is dealing with 2,838,981 active cases.

4.83% of the population have or have had the Coronavirus, up from last week by 6%. More unreported people are likely to be sick at home.

Italy is at 482,417 cases.

That's 0.81% of the population in hospital right now because of the Coronavirus. More unreported people are likely to be sick at home.

According to the OECD, Italy has an estimated 192,548 hospital beds that are usually 78.9% occupied. That leaves just 41,528 hospital beds to deal with the Coronavirus, which means the hospitals are an estimated 1,162% full.

Since last week, there's been a 3% increase in reported cases.

China, where the outbreak is thought to have started, now has 2,812 active cases.

To date, China has had 99,541 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus, accounting for 0% of the global cases.

Some sources report that data from China may not be 100% accurate and estimate the actual figures to be higher.

Spain has 2,629,817 confirmed cases.

150,376 have recovered while 56,794 have died. Spain now accounts for 3% of the global cases (excluding China).

In the past week, Spain has seen a 9% increase in reported cases.

Wash your hands.

Wash your hands with soap regularly to prevent the spread of the disease.

Read the WHO recommendations

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